Tuesday, February 07, 2006

i have no reply to that

Archie got us Togo's sandwiches for dinner (shut up) and he got the girls these individual bags of mini sandwich cookies. Bebe and Lulu said they couldn't finish their cookies and wanted me to save them, so I put the bags on top of the fridge. But Cha was still eating her cookies and the twins decided they wanted their bags back. So I gave them the cookies.

Fast forward to a few minutes later and Lulu is crying that all her cookies are gone. Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: Of course they're gone -- you ate them.
Lulu: But I wanted to eat them tomorrow!
Me: Then you shouldn't have asked for the cookies.
Lulu: You should have stopped me from eating them! Wah!

You know what? The title of this post is a total lie. I did have a reply. "OK, it's time for bed!"

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Jenijen said...

If you can ever crack the kid logic code you can write a book and make a million bux!