Wednesday, February 08, 2006

not a bleak house

I'm watching the Masterpiece Theater miniseries "Bleak House". (You should be watching it, and if not, rent the DVD which will come out in a few weeks. It's really, really good.) I just finished the first two hour installment and Lulu and ChaCha watched the last 10 or so minutes. Lou asked what it was about and I said it was about a court case and the lives of all the people the case has an effect upon. And that it's based on a book written by Charles Dickens which was published about 150 years ago.

And Charlotte said, "So, Charles Dickens is...a zombie?"

I think she might have a future career in literary theory. She's taken the whole dead white authors thing to a brand new level.


Jenijen said...

that's FUNNY. soph has a zombie fixation, too.

katie said...

Isn't it funny to imagine Chuck, master of multiple, interwoven plots walking around moaning, "Braaaains! Braaaaains!"?

Isabelle said...

So, Charlotte is...a genius?

katie said...

A comedy genius!