Monday, February 27, 2006

thelma and louise

This is a story from when I was a young, footloose woman. Before I even knew Archie. One of my brothers had a girlfriend named Kelly. She was fun. We went out a lot together, without my brother. We'd go dancing and stay 'til the club closed and then we'd get breakfast and she'd drop me off at home. We'd meet cute boys. Life was great.

One day, we went and saw the movie "Thelma & Louise". Then we went back to my house for dinner and we decided to go out dancing. My brother gave Kelly her gun -- he'd cleaned it for her. It was unloaded. She stupidly put it under the front passenger side seat. I didn't know much about guns and didn't much care -- we we're going out dancing!

We got to the Brewery District and proceeded to drink a little and dance a lot. We danced and danced. We both ended up dancing with two cute boys. There might have been some kissing. The place was closing and we decided to all go and get breakfast and the boys got in Kelly's car with us.

We didn't go too far -- there was an all-night place close by. Kelly parked the car and the guy she was with ws getting out of the front seat and he said, "I just hit something under the seat with my foot." "Oh, that's my iron," Kelly replied. The guy said, "Why would anyone keep their iron in their car?" Kelly and I started to laugh. He thought it was an iron for pressing clothes! Ah, cute boy. "It's my gun!" said Kelly.

We went into the diner. We sat down and ordered drinks. The boys excused themselves to use the bathroom. Our coffee came. No boys. We got refills -- no boys. When out waitress came and asked if we wanted to order, I said, "Well, we came with two guys and they went the bathroom and we're waiting for them." "Kind of tall guys, brown hair, one wearing a leather jacket?" "Yeah..." "They left 20 minutes ago."

We laughed and ordered breakfast. And continued to laugh because, guys don't go to the bathroom together. Obviously, they thought we were some kind of criminals, toting a gun in the car, ready to shoot them after we fed them breakfast or something. Which we most definitely weren't planning on doing, since there was no ammo in the gun. "God -- they thought we were Thelma and Louise!" I said.

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