Sunday, January 29, 2006

we could have won $10,000

I have a really shameful confession to make. I watch "America's Funniest Home Videos". I know, I know. But every Sunday, we have dinner, bathe all the girlies, and settle in for some laughs watching groin injuries, silly animals, and cute (and gross) baby antics. Ah, sweet family time.

Tonight, after our shameful TV viewing, I helped the girls brush their teeth. They got these suction cup toothbrushes at the dentist on their last visit. They're just regular toothbrushes, but at the end there is a suction cup. This is handy when preparing three toothbrushes -- put on some toothpaste and then stick it onto the vanity, awaiting use. (With normal, non-suction-y toothbrushes, they can roll if you try to balance them on the backs and then there is upset and bedtime is ruined. Ruined!)

So, I'm doing a follow-up brushing for Bebe and I glance over at ChaCha and I immediately started to laugh. She'd stuck her toothbrush to the wall and was standing on her tiptoes, brushing her teeth by moving her head around the toothbrush. Damn, I wish I'd had the video camera right then. It was hysterical.

I'm sure we would have won some big money on AFV. Heh.

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