Wednesday, January 25, 2006

more tv talk -- american idol

I really love "American Idol", as I wrote yesterday. I especially enjoy the audition shows -- I think they are some of the most entertaining moments on television right now. Archie does not share this love. Usually, he leaves the family room and goes into the office/guest room to escape. I often go back and make him come and watch particularly awful contestant hopefuls. (The only exception was the year George was a finalist and Archie actually watched some of the competition. Next to Kelly's big band performance in the first season, George's rendition of Elton John's "Take Me to the Pilot" was a big hit in our house. Then George had to go and do "Against All Odds", which I think we should all agree is a horrible song and it should be banned from all future AI installments. Archie would sit and grimace through almost all of the other performances just for George, but once he was gone, Archie lost all interest.)

So, last night, Arch was not amused when I interuppted his web surfing and told him he had to come and see an audition. But I was tricking him! I wanted him to see a really amazing singer; he was certain he was going to see a mentally disturbed person speak to the world through song and demonstrating to us all that madness takes many forms. Heh. I wanted him to hear Paris Bennett.

People, this girl can sing. Archie's jaw dropped a little. She's 17 and completely adorable. I think her audition is the best one in the history of the show. Archie and I agreed that her audition alone will probably generate interest in her, even if she doesn't get out of the early rounds in Hollywood. (And, unless we discover that ventriloquism was involved , I can't imagine that happening.) So, I'm going out on a limb and predicting that she's gonna take the whole shebang this season.

I'm sure I'll live to eat those words. But she was good.

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