Thursday, May 01, 2008

reason #528 why i love my husband

Way back in 1992, when Archie and I were emailing each other on Prodigy ("The Strip Mall of Online Services -- TM me), he sent me flowers for some occasion and the card was signed "Leonardo DiCaprio." I thought this was hilarious -- mostly because I'm not really, nor have I ever been, into Leo.

Archie nowl signs emails with the names of guys I think are hot. Usually combos. So I've had mail from Sayid McClooney (mmm, "Lost" and the George and Ewan McGregor all combined!) recently and over the years, lots of other famous people who obviously adore me.

Today, I had an email from Naveen Firth. "Lost" and Colin-y goodness all wrapped up in one dream package! Of course, Naveen Firth was responding to Jessica Alba. It takes two to be this ridiculously silly.

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