Thursday, May 01, 2008

making gentle fun of the child

Charlotte and I went to the library and happily brought home our books. Cha was very excited until she realized that a book she picked out was "scary, Mama -- really scary!" This one. Actually, it's really adorable and I love Judith Viorst.

So, tonight at bedtime, Charlotte had an attack about the book. It was too scary. Wouldn't I take it back to the library tomorrow? I told her I wasn't going to have the car, so I couldn't take it back and what was a book going to do? It doesn't have legs, so it will stay wherever I put it. I promised to hide it and she could forget about it. But, she still complained.

And Archie said, "Charlotte? You want to put the book in the freezer?" and I laughed and then Charlotte was mad because she thought I was laughing at her.

[There is a Friends episode where Joey and Rachel are reading each other's favorite book. So Rachel is reading The Shining and Joey is reading Little Women. Rachel tells Joey that The Shining is frightening her and Joey responds that whenever that happens to him, he puts the book in the freezer. At the end of the episode, Joey comes into the girls' apartment and the following conversation occurs:

Joey: Beth is really, really sick. Jo's there, but I don't think there's anything she can do.
Rachel: Joey?
Joey: Yeah?
Rachel: You want to put the book in the freezer?]

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