Sunday, July 23, 2006

why i love my husband

He brought me cold water to soak my feet in to try and feel a little cooler. Several times. That's sweet and I think I might spare his life.

I stopped looking at and making myself feel even hotter when the current temperature read 101. When I then checked the thermostat to see how hot it was in the house, that read "OL". Which I think means, "Oh, Lordy, it's hot!" Or maybe, "Over limit". Because it will apparently only go up to 95 and then it figures any living think in the house has died of heat stroke. It's almost 1am and over 80 in the house and not much cooler outside. We're going to the mall and praying there won't be rolling blackouts. Once they kick us out of the mall we'll go over to the Borders and hang in the children's section since the library is closed on Sunday. Maybe we'll go see a movie -- the kids haven't seen "Cars" yet.

The heat is supposed to break a little by Monday. Pleasepleasepleaseplease.

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Queenwithoutacountry said...

hope you find some salvation from the heat. i know how you've been feeling. my boyfriend and i are cramped in the house searching for things to do so we don't kill one another.