Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i may be raising a monster

When I was overseeing ChaCha's bath this evening, she was doing some weird game thing. She had a blue plastic goblet, which she had sitting in the corner of the tub. She'd taken an empty bubble bath bottle (because we're all about recycling and I AM CHEAP) which she was filling with water. While doing this, she was talking, talking, talking. "I am very, very thirsty. I would like some wine, I think. Yes, some wine." She picked up the goblet, slammed it back, then violently spit out the water. "That's not wine! It tastes like bathwater!"

I swear this is not anything she's ever seen me do. OK, OK, maybe she's seen me enjoy some wine -- because I am not made of stone. But I really don't slam a glass back, spit it out, or drink bathwater.

1 comment:

Jenijen said...

could it be sponge bob? maybe it was patrick spewing his wine!