Saturday, December 19, 2009

sweet sixteen

There's a bottle of really good champagne chilling in the fridge and plans for take out sushi once the kids are in bed.

I've been married to the best husband in the entire world for sixteen years. What with that bottle of champagne, I may also be recreating the epic hangover I suffered the day after our wedding. (Champagne tends to give me massive hangovers, which seems so unfair and wrong. It's festive! It's celebratory! It has bubbles!)

There is one problem with the timing of our anniversary, though. I should have foreseen that getting married right before Christmas would make gift giving an issue. I am forever waffling on freaking Christmas gifts, so ask me what I want for our anniversary and I may just go all blank.

I've got a good marriage. That's enough. And I happen to have it with a fella who I'm kinda sorta fond of. I think I'll keep him a while longer.

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