Tuesday, December 15, 2009

damn you, ben folds

Last night I was watching the show The Sing-Off and it annoyed me. It's a competition for a cappella groups. The groups are not all that special, sadly. But, when does a cappella singing get a place on TV at all? The last time I can think of was when Spike Lee made a special about some groups (Rockapella, Take 6, Ladysmith Black Mambaza to name a few) which was probably about 20 years ago. And it was on PBS. So, even if it's not the greatest thing ever, it's the closest I'm gonna get to a Bobs TV extravaganza.

But that isn't what was annoying. No, one of the judges was Ben Folds. Now, I do not like his music. Not at all. In fact, I kind of hate his music. Therefore, using that logic, I hate him. (Not really -- but you know what I mean.) With people you only know from one context, you just apply your feelings about that one context to that person as a whole. Yes, it's stupid. But you know you do it, too, so shut up.

Anyway, I was getting all ready to hate on Ben Folds. To laugh at his stupidity and be irritated by him. And then he went and was knowledgable and gave great constructive criticism. He was funny and kind to the contestants. Dare I say it? OK, I will. He was charming. So now I am in the position of not really wanting to watch the three other episodes of this show for the musicians, but for one of the judges.

Damn you, Ben Folds. Damn you all to hell.


Harmony said...

i loved the contrast between Ben and Nicole. He's spouting music theory like a pro (I was surprised that I liked him, too), going on about how the arrangement might drown out the top levels, or that they need to be careful not to be out of tune on close harmonies, and then Nicole is all "Wow, you guys, wow. No instruments at all but it was like I could FEEL the guitar, in your energy. That reminds me of one of my songs, am I right? Look at my pretty hair!" She clearly studied judging at the feet of The Abdul.

katie said...

Oh, yeah, Nicole was like Paula, the Younger.