Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a conversation with chacha

The following conversation took place as Charlotte and I walked into Target this afternoon.

Cha: You need a dress. And you're getting my sissies and me tights. Anything else?

Me: Well, I will look at the shoes, too, but I probably won't like any of them and I'll go to Macy's tomorrow. I also need to get my hair cut tomorrow.

Cha: We all need haircuts. Well, except Daddy. He needs to grow his hair out.

Me: Honey, I think Daddy growing his hair out is a hopeless cause, at this point.

Cha: Yeah, he's just turning into a baldy.

Me: Yeah.

Cha: Maybe that's why his mommy named him Archi-BALD!


koroshiya said...

ha! hilarious. if at least one of your children doesn't become a comedy writer someday, i will be sorey unhappy.

koroshiya said...

sorely, even.

katie said...

Maybe they'll have their own variety show, a la the Mandrell sisters or the Hudson brothers. "The Campbell Girls."

Oh, God -- I think I just dated myself to the Jurassic period.