Monday, June 11, 2007

alas, we cannot be friends

A reader from Germany left a message on a post from a year ago where I made a silly comment about how someone reading would want to be my best friend because I am so cool -- the post was about sabermetrics and, while I love baseball, I think admitting you watched a show about statistics makes you about the uncoolest person ever.

So, zenmiester, the comment was read and I found it amusing. But. I followed the link to your profile and we can never be friends. You have listed that you love baseball but you hate the Cubs. Oh, evil reader! Begone!

OK, not really. Please come back and visit again. But really, how can anyone hate the Cubs? I mean, it's not like they're the Yankees. Unless, of course, you hate them like I do for never winning. That I can understand. Well, I could understand if you were just disappointed continually.

Say you are merely disappointed in the Cubs and then we can eat popcorn, watch Ken Burns' "Baseball", and braid each other's hair.

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