Tuesday, March 06, 2007

screw you, stupid school district

Today was registration for kindergarten for Charlotte. This required multiple forms, I had to get her doctor and dentist to sign that she'd been checked and found healthy, and gather proof that we own our house and live there, blah blah blah. I went over everything four times to make sure I had everything because our school district is overcrowded and if you don't secure a place early, they will "overload" your child and she might have to go to a different school where there is space.

Guess what? Because I think vaccines are important and Cha had all of hers, she can't be registered. Yeah, she had her first MMR two weeks before her first birthday and her second in December, with the rest of the innocualtions required for school admittance. But, that first MMR was not on or after her first birthday, so they want her to have a third MMR just a few months after her last one. (Which, she had a reaction to that required a course of antibiotics.) There is no way she's not up-to-date and that two weeks means she's a huge measels, mumps, or rubella risk. No way.

So, I have calls in to our doctor and the district nurse. And, the child is not getting another MMR vaccine until the boosters are required around 6th grade or so. I now have to argue this. The completely ridiculous thing is that if I'd signed a waiver saying I refused to have her vaccinated at all, she would be completely registered. But, because I did what I firmly believe is the right thing, I've made more work for myself.

I hate our stupid school district.

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