Thursday, March 01, 2007

birthday! birthday!

Guess what I was doing almost exactly five years ago? I was talking about an episode of "Buffy" with my husband while an epidural was being placed in my spine so Charlotte could be born. Yay for birthdays!

So, Ms. ChaCha LaBomba is five. Yesterday, we took pumpkin muffins and some little dollar store goodies to her preschool class. (Apparently, I am a wizard with magical powers for being able to mix some wet and dry ingredients, put them in muffin papers, and bake them in the supernatural hot box in my kitchen.) Then, sadly, off to the doctor for two shots. Today, there was singing and we'll have brownies after dinner. But we're saving the ice cream cake and presents for Saturday. Also, Cha wants breakfast-for-dinner at IHOP, so there'll be that, too.

She's not a baby, anymore. But, then again, she's always my baby. My sweet girl, my darling ChaCha Boogie, my love bug.

Happy birthday, Doodles. I love you more than you will ever know.

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