Monday, June 08, 2009

big changes

Yesterday, I took Elizabee to get some tennis shoes -- she'd worn a hole in one last week. We dutifully pick out a pair from the kids' section in the largest size (and the size of the previous pair -- a kid 4 1/2). "I can't get my foot in, Mama!" Not completely surprising, but now we have to move to the actual women's sizes. We try a 5. No go. And a 6. We finally get her feets into some 6 1/2. I am convinced it's because her feet are fairly wide, but when she stands up and I feel for her toe, it's in an appropriate place -- not to the edge, but not too far back. Silently wonder where my little girl with her little girl sized feet has gone.

As we were standing at the checkout line, I noticed that Miss Bee's head is on the same level as my chin. Want to commence weeping, but instead grin and point out how tall she is to her.

Go home and tell Archie that our girl is freaking BIG and almost cry.

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