Saturday, November 01, 2008

grounds for divorce

Archie makes the coffee. He buys beans from a local independent shop which roasts their own beans and have very tasty coffee. He buys a different blend once an old one runs out. Generally, I drink Coke Zero during the week (even in the morning) for my caffeine fix because he gets up later than I do and I'm in no shape to make coffee when I get up -- plus, I have to get the girls up and off. So, I do look forward to coffee at home on weekends. By the time Arch gets out of bed on a Saturday or Sunday, my Coke is wearing off and a nice cup of coffee is just the ticket.

Lately, I've been feeling very, very sleepy in the late morning and mid-afternoon, even after my coffee. A few weeks ago, we stopped at the coffee shop because we were running out of beans. Archie ran in and got them and I took a peek to see what new roasts he'd picked out. People, right there on the label: DECAFFEINATED! This is wrong, wrong, wrong. He has been fooling me. I am not pleased. Switching out fully-leaded coffee for decaf could be a deal-breaker.

(And, now you know why the title of the post is so very punny. Ha!)

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