Thursday, April 17, 2008

things to make your day happy

1. The Cubs are in second place and well over .500. This is not a jinx -- it is always good to revel when the Cubbies are doing well. You never know when it might end. (This is known as the "When's it gonna spill?" rule.*)
2. Tim Conway telling the elephant story from the Carol Burnett Show. This is only the second funniest thing ever...
3. ...because Tim Conway as a Nazi with a Hitler puppet is even funnier.
4. You can go and find the "Went With the Wind" thing yourself -- but really? The dress made out of the curtains is so fantastic -- I'm giggling right now remembering the curtain rod! And, the tassel as a hat!

[*So, if you ask an optomist to describe a glass with half liquid in it, she will say it's half full; a pessimist will say it's half empty. A Cubs fan asks, "When's it gonna spill?")


Harmony said...

"I saw it in the winda' and I just couldn't resist it."

I have seen that bit a hundred times and every time I just convulse into giggles.

katie said...

That is possibly the best single line about a wardrobe choice ever. Only rivaled by the line in "My Favorite Year" when Benjy's aunt, in her wedding dress, says, "You like it? I only wore it once!"

("My Favorite Year" has so many great bits, though. Possibly the best is when Peter O'Toole answers Slema Diamond's refernece to the ladies' room, "This is for ladies!" with, "And so is this, ma'am; but sometimes I have to run a little water through it." Which is them punctuated with a look by Selma Diamond that kills me every single time I watch it. God, I love that movie.)

katie said...

Man, look at all the typos. My apologies.