Thursday, November 08, 2007

sometimes i get it right

Bebe had a rough day at school and she didn't want to go to karate class. She fussed and worked herself into quite a state. I very calmly told her she didn't have to do the class, but she did have to go with us -- I couldn't leave an eight year old at home by herself. And I insisted, again very calmly, that she had to wear her gi and bring her belt, just in case she changed her mind and wanted to do class. She was not happy about that, but she changed clothes.

She was very unhappy on the drive over to the dojo. "I don't want to do class, Mama." "I know. And you don't have to. But we do have to go in so Lou can take class."

The minute we walked in the door she took off her shoes and stashed them in the storage shelf, saluted, and walked on the mat to start stretching. She did squat sets with a lot of energy and very loud kiais. (That's the shout let out when finishing a specific move.) And she really buckled down as they practiced pop and roundhouse kicks. When class was finished and she came off the mat, she was happy and relaxed.

And all I said was, "I can tell you feel a lot better and I'm glad for you. I'm really proud that you took class today."

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Annie said...

Boy, did you ever get it right! I'm Bebe was able to turn her day around -- it's a great skill to have.