Sunday, September 24, 2006

why garry marshall is a genius

So, we watched "The Princess Diaries" this morning. Garry Marshall (the director) is simply brilliant. Think about it. He made a little movie about a hooker who gets schooled in manners and deportment by Hector Elizondo and then she wins her john and gets a happily ever after, just like a princess. You might have heard about it -- the word was it did a little business. Then, Marshall makes another movie where a girl IS a princess and Hector Elizondo (with a little help from Julie Andrews) teaches her how to behave as one and she gets her happily ever after without being a prostitute. I wish I had thought of it.

And reason 599 that I love my husband? He sat and watched the entire thing with us -- even though I told him he could switch to the football. Reason 600 is that I think he enjoyed it -- which makes he and I both 14 year old girls. Heh.

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