Monday, January 10, 2005

plumbing update.

The main pipe (clay and original to the house, built in the late 40s) is well and truly fucked. Last night, a plumber used a camera to seee the entire thing out to the city line and there are roots, tiny breaks, and one spot where the pipe is all bowed out and ready to collapse. The initial estimate is somewhere between $6500 and $15K.

Damn. That's a ton of money. I may have to sell organs. I may have to sell the kids' organs. What's the going rate for a kidney?

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Jenijen said...

Owwwwch. I hope it's closer to the smaller, though still hellishly huge, number. You should watch Dirty Pretty Things, then you wouldn't want to sell your kidney and it would take your mind off things for awhile. Good luck.